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The premier regional sport karate circuit in America.

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2020 KRANe Schedule

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For over 50 years, KRANE has been the premier sport karate competition circuit in the northeast with over 230 rated divisions. KRANE Ratings is not only a competition circuit. It is also a ratings organization that provides a rating service for its members with points being earned for each placement 1st through 8th at each event. KRANE events are held to the highest standards of judging and coordinating.

Featured Awards:

KRANE Ratings uses its point system to determine the following for its competitors:

State Championship - Awarded to the highest ranking competitor in a respective division for their respective residential state.

Overall Grand Championship - Awarded to the highest ranking competitor in a respective division for all of the states.

National Championship - Awarded to the 1st place competitor at the prestigious "KRANE Nationals" held in November.

Triple Crown Award - Awarded to the competitor who places 1st in all three legs of the KRANE Triple Crown (KRANE Karate Tournament, KRANE Summer Tournament, KRANE Nationals.)

KRANE proudly hosts the KRANE Award Banquet in the evening of the annual "KRANE Karate Tournament" to present the respective awards to the competitors who earned them. 

We thank you for your interest in KRANE Ratings Inc. We are proud to continue the tradition of sport martial arts competition and welcome you to become part of the KRANE family. Learn more about how KRANE works.

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